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EBHS Graduation Announcement

posted Jun 2, 2017, 7:29 AM by Megan Kirby

EBHS Graduation Announcement


Our graduation ceremony will begin promptly at 6:00 PM. Please listen carefully to a few rules that we will follow for the next hour.


After the graduates march in, no one will be permitted to leave the gymnasium and re-enter. If you go out, you must remain in the atrium until after graduation.


When the graduates receive their diploma, there should be no yelling, no whistling, and no clapping. Security Officers will promptly remove any person not adhering to this rule. No one is to leave until all graduates have processed out. Your celebration may spoil it for other families. Every family deserves to hear their graduates name called, please be considerate of others in attendance.


Absolutely no pictures, videos, or camera phones during the graduation ceremony. Professional photographers will take pictures of all graduates as they receive their degree, diploma or certificate.  Graduates may order photography packages immediately after the ceremony. You may return to the stage after graduation, and at this time, you are welcomed to take pictures with your graduate if you so desire.


Cell phones must be turned off.  If you have a young child that becomes unhappy, please remove them from the auditorium.


These rules have been discussed with all of our graduates, and we will enforce them with the help of our Security Officers.


The faculty and staff of East Bladen High School are glad you are here this evening. We look forward to a dignified graduation that will properly honor your graduates. Please cooperate with us. Please remain seated for the procession of our administration, platform guest, board members, faculty and graduates.