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Preparing for the ACT SAT

Here are some tips fo preparing for or taking the ACT/SAT.

Before taking the ACT or SAT:

  • Register early and check your email address to make sure everything has been submitted correctly.
  • Research average or required ACT or SAT scores for the colleges, scholarships, or programs you hope to apply for so you know what scores shoot for.
  • Review what subjects the tests will be covering (for example, the ACT has its own separate science section of the test).
  • Take a pre test online at least TWICE (Once to see what areas need work, and once more to see where you have improved).
  • Study using old/previous ACT or SAT testbooks.
  • Use online resources to study.
  • Create a study schedule that is realistic and works with your schedule.

While taking the ACT or SAT:

  • Use the process of elimination to rule out wrong answers, especially if you may not be sure what the right answer may be.
  • Answer the "easier" questions in each section first. You only have a certain amount of time to answer questions, so knocking out the eaiser questions in the beginning could mean more correct answers counted towards your final score.
  • Write in your testbook if you are allowed to, and make sure your answers are correctly bubbled in on your answer sheet.
  • Before time is up for each section, review the answers you bubbled in and make sure they are what you meant to select.
  • Don't change your answers unless you are SURE you made a mistake. Your first choice is usually correct!
  • Don't leave any blank answers! You are not penalized for selecting wrong answers on the ACT. If you are running out of time, bubble in as much as you can before time is called.
  • In reading sections, read the questions for a passage BEFORE reading the passage itself so that you'll know what to look out for or pay attention to.
  • Use any stretch or water breaks you have.

Resources for studying and preparing for the ACT or SAT may be found below.

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