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What is Countdown to College Month

Countdown to College is held during the month of October. During this month, seniors are encouraged to complete the three steps to enrolling into college: 

  1. Residency Determination Service
    1. Students are encouraged to complete their North Carolina Residency Determination to see if they qualify for in-state tuition rates. These rates are typically MUCH cheaper than out-of-state tuition rates. In order to qualify for in-state tuition, students are to complete an NC Residency Determination using their CFNC account. 
    2. More information on NC Residency and frequently asked questions here.
  2. FAFSA
    1. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form is an application for federal financial aid students can use for college. This is highly recommended for students that plan to attend either a two or four-year university. On top of applying for federal student aid, several scholarships also require a FAFSA form to be on file for students to be eligible for the scholarship. 
    2. More information on the FAFSA form and frequently asked questions here
  3. College Applications
    1. Students can submit applications through,, or their desired college's website. 
    2. hosts Free College Application week in October for students who apply through A limited number of colleges participate yearly, so make sure to check and see if your college of interest is on the list. Students interested in attending a community college for a two-year degree program will submit their applications via 
    3. allows students to apply for several four-year universities using one common application.